Zeetta Networks Ltd.

Dr. Reza Nejabati


BS8 2QD Bristol

United Kingdom

Zeetta Networks is a spin-off from the University of Bristol offering Open Networking solutions for heterogeneous networks i.e. networks consisting of any combination of optical, wireless, packet-switched or Internet of Things (IoT) network elements.

Zeetta’s main product is a software-defined network (SDN) operating system called NetOS® that provides a single, converged and secure platform for monitoring, managing and automating the operations of heterogeneous networks. NetOS® uniquely manages simultaneous data flows between different types of connected devices in a large scale. This integrated and scalable approach significantly increases network performance and efficiency. Zeetta Networks has a core software development team of 10 engineers with over 50 years' experience in network engineering, Software-Defined Networks and Virtualisation from companies like CISCO, Brocade, Microsoft, Nokia, HP and Orange.

Zeetta’s commercial and technical teams have extensive experience in managing and delivering large multi-disciplinary national and European projects. For example, Zeetta is leading the ICT-related work packages of REPLICATE, a €25million Lighthouse Horizon2020 EU project focusing on the development of appropriate ICT platforms (such as NetOS®) for the integration of Energy Management and Mobility for resilient Smart City deployments in three European cities: Florence, San Sebastian and Bristol. Other SDN-related, European Projects that Zeetta’s technical team has been actively involved in include: OFELIA, ALIEN and FIBRE.

Zeetta Networks has also partnered with Bristol Ashton Gate Stadia in a world-first stadia SDN WiFi technology trial. Zeetta Networks will be using Ashton Gate as a ‘live lab’ to test a cutting edge High Density WiFi solution using a Software Defined Networking-enabled (SDN) ‘bare metal’ technology approach.