5G-PICTURE Final demonstration activities in Bristol


Bristol, UK

The 5G-PICTURE Project will showcase its final demonstration activities in the city of Bristol, UK. This event will be witnessed by our European Commission Project Officer together with the Experts assigned to evaluate the Project. The demonstration activities will take place in two locations. The first demonstration will be shown in a square situated in centre of Bristol, Millennium Square, where two end user use cases will be running with the support of 5G Technologies:

  • Virtual Reality, where an hologram of a music event will be shown with six users participating in a synchronous communication as avatars in the hologram.
  • Smart City Safety Camera, where a number of cameras will be deployed in the square and on the roof of the MShed to generate traffic for the network. The video feed passes through an app to detect faces from all the camera feeds.
The second demonstration will be shown in the Ashton Gate Stadium. The objective of the various demonstrations in the mega-event/stadium vertical is to address the following 5G themes:
  • Application aware network (i.e. programmable network) over heterogeneous HW.
  • Differentiated treatment of the application using slices.
  • Service resilience using slices – in a multi-connectivity link scenario for WiFi.
  • High capacity wireless access technologies: Massive MiMo (physical).

5G-PICTURE Railway demonstration in Barcelona


Barcelona, ES

The 5G-PICTURE Project will showcase its Railway demonstration on November 13th in Barcelona. The demonstration is co-located with the 5G-PICTURE Interim Review and will be witnessed by our European Commission Project Officer together with the Experts assigned to evaluate the Project. The Railway vertical is a clear case for a shared 5G multitenant network. The multiservice railways network developed in the 5G-PICTURE project will reduce investment and accelerate 5G NR deployment in railways. The demonstration comprises the development and integration of:

  • State of the art mmWave beam technologies following the trains at full speed from Blu Wireless Technology
  • Total cost most efficient passive G.metro optical network for multiple 10 Gbps auto tunable services along track from ADVA Optical Networking
  • Mobility server function to keep continuous connectivity across track from CNIT
All supporting less than 1 ms latency and precision time synchronization key for rail critical services. The project provides coverage to approximately 1.5 km of track with a target of 1 Gbps throughput to a train running at 90 km/h. The final integration work has been done in the COMSA testbed in Madrid and a live railways network in Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), including development and integration in the trackside/stations infrastructure and in the train telecom network.

Video release of the Joint Metro-Haul and 5G-PICTURE demonstration activities: Title: "Active Optical Metro Transport Solution"


Valencia, ES

The 5G-PPP Phase-2 projects Metro-Haul and 5G-PICTURE have recently released a video of the joint demonstration entitled "Active Optical Metro Transport Solution", which was showcased at the EuCNC 2019 in Valencia. You can get to know more about the technologies involved visiting (

5G-PICTURE Talk @ IEEE Summer Topical Meetings


Florida, US

One of our 5G-PICTURE colleagues, Dr. Jim Zou (ADVA Optical Networking), will give two presentations at the IEEE Summer Topical Meetings, one on "Optical Access Technologies for Time-Sensitive Fronthaul" (, and the other on "On Ethernet-based Time Sensitive Networking for Converged 5G XHaul", co-authored with our TransPacket AS colleagues (

5G-PICTURE Meeting in Volos (Greece)


Volos, Greece

The 5G-PICTURE Project held its seventh Technical Meeting at the Conference and Cultural Center in the old Paou Monastery (Argalasti, Pelion). The fruitful discussions lead to a complete definition of the 5G-PICTURE demonstration activities (Use cases), which will be included in deliverable D6.2.

5G-PICTURE Demo @ DEBS 2019


Darmstadt, Germany

One of our 5G-PICTURE colleagues, Hadi Razzaghi Kouchaksaraei (University of Paderborn), presents a demo at the 13th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems (DEBS 2019) for 5G_PICTURE.

5G-PICTURE Meeting at Eurecom


Sophia Antipolis, France

The 5G-PICTURE Project held its sixth Technical Meeting at Eurecom premises in Sophia Antipolis, France. In this meeting we have defined the timeline towards the demonstration of the 5G-PICTURE use cases, namely the Railway demonstration in Barcelona, the Stadium demonstration in Bristol, and the Smart City demonstration also in Bristol. More information can be found in deliverable D6.1

5G-PICTURE @ Mobile World Congress 2019


Barcelona, Spain

The 5G-PICTURE Project will be present at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) at the ADVA Optical Networking stand (Hall 7 / 7H31), where the time sensitive network solution for 5G converged front- and Backhaul that ADVA and TransPacket are developing in the 5G-PICTURE project will be shown. The stand will be equipped with a large touch screen in the front of it, and we will present a slides deck describing the time sensitive network for 5G converged front- and Backhaul that ADVA and TransPacket are developing in the 5G-PICTURE project. The proposed solution leverages TransPacket’s FUSION deterministic delay technology for guaranteed service transport, and ADVA’s flexible G.metro DWDM optical layer. Such a solution is capable of low latency and timing accuracy for supporting the emerging 5G applications, which will eventually be showcased in the 5G smart city testbed in Bristol, UK. For more information, please visit ADVA’s booth at 7H31, in Hall 7.

ADVA and TransPacket showcasing at ECOC 2018


Rome, Italy

At the 44th European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2018), ADVA and TransPacket have jointly showcased SDN-enabled 100G Ethernet aggregator for low-latency, time-accurate mobile x-haul in a live demo. Three aggregator nodes enable ultra-low bounded-delay aggregation and fixed-delay transmission for fronthaul converged with less delay-sensitive backhaul traffic. PTP synchronization is guaranteed through a fixed-latency service channel. This showcase was finally awarded as the Best Demo among total 16 candidates at the closing ceremony!.

5G-PICTURE participates in the IEEE 5G Summit


Dresden, Germany

5G-PICTURE was present at the IEEE 5G Summit Dresden (, organized by 5G Lab Germany and IEEE, where some Project colleagues were showing the Massive MIMO antenna from AIRRAYS GmbH (

Third 5G-PICTURE Technical Meeting


Bristol, UK

5G-PICTURE held its third Technical Meeting in the city of Bristol, UK; hosted by the University of Bristol. The consortium had the opportunity as well to take part in the 5G-XHaul Final Demonstration Event, where our colleagues successfully demonstrated its wireless and optical technologies in a real city wide infrastructure. 5G-PICTURE will as well hold its demonstration activities in the city of Bristol.

5G-PICTURE presentation at ONDM 2018


Dublin, Ireland

5G-PICTURE contributes to the Workshop "Optical technologies in the 5G era" at ONDM 2018 with a presentation entitled "5G Networking: an enabler for vertical industries". Find more details via (

5G-PICTURE contributions to EuCNC


Ljubljana, Slovenia

5G-PICTURE will have presence at the EuCNC with the organisation of two Workshops: Workshop 3 entitled "Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G" (, and Workshop 5 entitled "Optical and Wireless Network Convergence: An Enabler for 5G" ( We contribute as well to Workshop 2, entitled "From cloud ready to cloud native transformation: What it means and Why it matters" (( .

5G-PICTURE WP5 Meeting in Munich


Munich, Germany

5G-PICTURE WP5 colleagues held a dedicated WP5 meeting in Munich to discuss in depth details regarding the 5G-PICTURE OS.

Technical Meeting in ADVA


Martinsried(Munich), Germany

The 5G-PICTURE project, co-funded by the European Commission, holds its 1st Technical Meeting in Martinsried-Munich (Germany), with the presence of around 36 participants.

5G-PICTURE Flyer at Mobile World Congress


Barcelona, Spain

The 5G-PICTURE project disseminated its developments and future demonstration activities at Mobile World Congress. The 5G-PICTURE Flyer was available at the 5G-IA Stand as well as at the "Autoritat del Transporte Metropolitá" Stand.

Download: Flyer

Technical Meeting at CNIT


Rome, Italy

The 5G-PICTURE project, co-funded by the European Commission, holds its 1st Technical Meeting in Rome (Italy), with the presence of around 36 participants.

Kick-Off Meeting at IHP


Frankfurt (Oder) / Germany

The 5G-PICTURE project, co-funded by the European Commission, held its Kick-Off Meeting on July 24.-26. 2017 in Frankfurt (Oder), with the presence of around 45 participants from eight countries. The 5G-PICTURE project was officially launched on June, 1st 2017.