Airrays GmbH

Dr. Peter Meyer

Kramergasse 4

01067 Dresden


Airrays is a SME from Dresden, Germany specializing in active antenna technology for mobile communication. Airrays antennas enable very high capacity gains and energy savings with smaller form factors compared to state of the art antennas. Key element is the integration and calibration of a large number of active elements in a single radio unit. With its products Airrays addresses the 4G and upcoming 5G mobile communications infrastructure market.

Airrays key personnel previously participated in several EU funded research projects such as EARTH, in leading roles (work package lead) as well as technical contributors. 20+ years of experience in technical innovation as well as prototype and product development

Airrays existing radio unit platform features typical radio frequency components to perform mixing, filterin, A/D conversion, and also provides digital signal processing capabilities. Besides the digital interface, these are used to perform beamforming in the digital baseband domain at the radio unit. In 5G-PICTURE, Airrays will pursue this concept further and integrate additional Layer 1 processing functionality, that is currently performed in the base band unit, into the radio unit. The concrete functional split between base band and radio unit to be realized will be specified in an initial study phase. In a second phase, Airrays will implement corresponding functional blocks and validate their functionality. test.